It’s all over

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The U.S election season is finally over and it’s not just American’s who are glad. Almost everyone with a TV, and plenty without, were sick of the negative ads and horserace coverage for months and months, not to mention the never ending requests to like Mitt Romney’s page, or one link after another to Huffington Post or moveon.org from our conservative and liberal Facebook friends. I always thought the Facebook status box was where you attempted to impress people with how funny or clever you were in just a few words (unsure I was either, I’ve never risked updating my status).

I voted early. For the big moment, the election itself, I happen to be in Germany. It seems it’s not only Americans who are relieved it’s all over. Upon hearing my accent, people smiled and gave me knowing looks while commenting on the election results. “Good job” some said. A guy in the street offered directions while unfolding a map. Germans can be friendly and quick to offer help, no matter what you may hear! “Congratulations on Obama,” he gushed, “it wasn’t even close, was it? We were worried you might choose Romney.”

A bit slow to realize his point, I tried to explain our puzzling electoral college and that I heard the popular vote was actually quite close. He seemed more confused that I shouldn’t just be happy to have dodged a bullet rather than convincing him that more more people voted for the losing candidate than he thought.

Beyond our enemies, in Korea or Iran, or frenemies in Russia and China, I doubt you could find many Americans who could name other world leaders, and yet, random people on the streets, and fellow conference goers from around the world, followed the U.S. election with almost as much detail as we did; without even being forced. I guess it’s cold comfort to those who hoped for the change Romney promised to bring, but it wasn’t only only a thin majority of Americans who weren’t convinced, most of Europe wasn’t either. Or maybe, Fox, who spent most of election evening desperately predicting Romney’s landslide, then narrow victory, and finally near popular victory really is the last holdout from the liberal media conspiracy. It’s spread to Europe too! It’s so much bigger than we all realized.

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