Botched campaign or a victory for the devil you know

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This narrative, that essentially, the republican campaign wasn’t in touch with the rest of America, an America who now has an out-gay family member and some interracial friends and thus couldn’t tolerate the moral-majority dominated campaign is an easy sell: in retrospect. But if it was so obvious, why were liberals so nervous before the election that maybe Obama wouldn’t get elected?

I happen to agree, mostly. The republican mantra was that the economy mattered more than anything else, and the American people were not so convinced that they wanted to bet on the economy, while sacrificing there right to choose when to get pregnant, or married, or deported. That was an ill-advised strategy, but also because, frankly, and I speak as one who lost a job–twice–in the last four years, not everyone thinks the economy is strictly the current president’s fault, or that simply saying over and over again “I was a successful businessman, I know what it takes to fix this economy” is sufficiently convincing.

Mr. Romney’s campaign may have failed not so much because the conservative republicans didn’t appeal to minorities, gays, and women, but rather because Romney was unable to convince his base, let alone those in the middle who may have considered him what he stood for. Conservatives hoped that vague promises about the economy would work from them as they had for Reagan in the past, but this time, voters, who individually might be single issue voters, picking their candidate because they’re pro-life, or pro-gay marriage, in the aggregate voted for a combination of issues. They weighed the economy and maybe even wondered if Romney might be better, but since he couldn’t even convince his base what he truly stood for, they wondered too and decided better to go with the ‘devil you know.’

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