Hobby Lobby wants employees to have babies, no matter what

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Frankly, in my view, it’s rather silly to call the morning after pill a method of abortion, but Hobby Lobby’s CEO David Green thinks that it is and forcing him to cover the expenses of this form of birth control is against his faith.

Plan B morning after pill

Plan B morning after pills

I want to agree with him. Of course, I hope any employee of his who disagrees with his unscientific views ought to get the heck out of there, but the facts are, many people don’t have many choices where they can work. An exception to the law for his business puts them in danger of not being able to receive care that the health care law mandates.

Stories like this make me very uncomfortable with the Affordable Care Act. It is just the kind of unintended consequences that big laws result in. Maybe this is a weakly constructed slippery slope argument where people are opposed to “Obama-care” for all the things that ‘could’ maybe happen, but in this case, here they are; actually happening.

Mr. Green may have backwards beliefs and be so convinced of them that he’d like to deny care to his employees, even resulting in unwanted pregnancies, later term abortions (wouldn’t that be worse?), unwanted children, orphans, unemployment, increased crime, and on and on (hey, we can all play the slippery slope argument game, can’t we?) but is it really the role of the government to judge him? And couldn’t this all have been fixed if we just abandoned the annoying notion that employers should be responsible for health care decisions in the first place (I don’t want my boss in my business any more than I want someone in Washington in there).

So, yes, I want to agree with Mr. Green, but let’s not be too hasty. What if Mr. Green’s religion required him to ban infidels from working in his stores? What if infidels happen to be black? Is it still his right to have a different standard for whom he would hire simply because religious freedom says so? When 1960’s era store owners refused service to black people our government stepped in, limiting the owner’s freedom to forbid this.

I still want to agree with Mr. Green, in spite of the dark age foundation for his beliefs, but before we jump to his defense, we must also balance his freedom with that of his employees. Freedom and liberty while living in a society and community can be very complex and trade-offs must be weighed for everyone involved. The Affordable Care act does limit Mr. Green’s freedom, but, must his freedom trump everyone else’s?

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