Robot series 1: big thoughts and robots

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I’ve been thinking about robots lately. I mean, robots are cool and they have a lot of promise but, like artificial intelligence and flying cars, we really haven’t gotten everything that science fiction promised. In Kevin Kelly’s book What Technology Wants the editor of Wired magazine explains that many technological inventions and the changes in the society they cause, happen as a result of tech that has already been around for a while. Often, everything has to be out there, in the marketplace, just waiting for enough pieces to come together and then it seems that suddenly something new has hit us as if it came out of nowhere.

In the next few posts I will review some pretty basic technology and show how this stuff has the potential to change everything. It probably will. The real question; the question I’ll be asking you, is how? What will life look like when technology changes the very socio-economic premise of our society? What do robots and communism have to do with each other anyway? What’s the difference between your mom and a picture of your mom? How can America get manufacturing back without improving the economy? What do Kickstarter and big pharma have to do with each other? I’ll talk about all that, but also robots. Come back and let me know what you think!

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