About all these ridiculous mistakes

I’ve known about it for quite some time. I even briefly had a proofreader. Still, every time I go back and read an article I’ve written I find some absolutely embarrassing mistake. Dear readers, I promise, I really do know the difference between know and no; between to, two, and too; between there, their, and they’re; between it’s and its. Indeed, these things drive me crazy in other people’s writing. But there they are, glaring examples of my illiteracy, splashed on post after post of my blog.

I have no explanation for them, other than this is a blog, it’s not further edited and I rarely re-read before posting. Why I make these simple mistakes in the first place is not clear to me. Those who know me in person know that I speak quickly. [note: just as an example, I wrote "this simple mistakes" just now for some reason. I caught it and changed it to "these." Why would I do this. Surely I know the difference between "this" and "these."] I try to keep my posts in a personal, conversational, tone, so, perhaps, I simply can’t keep up with myself when I write. It’s hardly an excuse.

All I can do is beg your forgiveness and ask you to believe me when I tell you, I really am just as nit-picky as you are, when I am not the author.

One more thing…why, oh why do you put up with it? Help me out! Comment! Have fun pointing at the illiterate jack-ass and show your fellow readers that you’re smarter than the lowly blogger. When you find an error, don’t hesitate to point it out. Forget this silly internet etiquette thing and let me know when I’ve made yet another obvious (or not so obvious) mistake. Instead of claiming you’ve missed the point and you should be concentrating on the content, I, and the 17 other readers of this blog, will thank you for it. Who knows, maybe I’ll learn how to edit some day and save you the trouble.

Thanks for reading.